Hello everyone!  The FCIL-SIS blog, DipLawMatic Dialogues, needs volunteers to cover the IALL conference in Oxford, UK, later this week!  If you are interested in blogging for us, please contact [log in to unmask]  Blogging is a great opportunity for newer members as well as seasoned professionals, and you do not need to be a member of FCIL-SIS to blog for us!

We have had some amazing recaps from AALL over the past week!  Please check them out:

Recap: FCIL-SIS Book Group

07/17/2016 Summary and a Word about DuSable

Recap: Asian Legal Information in English: Availability, Accessibility, and Quality Control

Recap: FCIL-SIS Teaching Foreign & International Legal Research Interest Group Meeting

Recap: CONELL 2016

Recap: Jurisdictions Interest Groups Joint Meeting

Chicago By Night

Chicago 101, and Let the Games Begin...

As always, please follow the blog to keep up with conference programming, SIS activities, book reviews, and more!

Susan Gualtier, JD, MLIS

Foreign, Comparative, and

International Law Librarian

Louisiana State University

Paul M. Hebert Law Center

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