Liebe Int-Law!  The below is a general newsletter article on best practices for library research guides.  Many libraries who use the LibGuide<> software are converting to version 2.0, and re-thinking how they do research guides.  Even though this is not focused on research guides for foreign, comparative, and international law (FCIL) topics, I thought y'all might find it informative as it include useful general guidelines.  It's a quick read too!  :)

The author is our second Wright Fellow, Kara Dunn (for more info about the Judith M. Wright Fellowship, click here<> and see below).

The Judith M. Wright Fellowship: Honoring a Legacy, Advancing the Profession<>, by Sheri Lewis

Library Research Guides: Best Practices<>, by Kara Dunn

(both also in PDF at pages 30-35 of the CALL Bulletin<>)


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