Hi All-- Today I cease being a lurker on this list and am asking for 
some help. I am working on a research project to gather and compare 
public notice laws across nations.  Since I am based in the U.S. I have 
that portion pretty much under control (here is a link to my blog

Please help by identifying those resources that are outside North 
America and Europe. I am looking for core laws or seminal works that 
may be part of your country's law libraries, but that wouldn't be 
likely to be found in U.S. law school libraries. Language is a problem 
(my shortcoming) where information/citation is not in English, so your 
help in knowing not only where to look but what the local language 
would call "public notice" or "legal notice" is most valuable to me. I 
will insist on referencing you as the translation source so do help me 
with correct identification.

The international organizations are pretty good about posting their 
requirements in public notice, but individual countries are more 
difficult, because after all (of course) who needs to know about it 
except those within the country.

I've been working in the Indiana University and University of Michigan 
law school libraries and what I could find on the web usually using 
"public notice" or "legal notice" or legal w/1 notice or public w/1 
notice as search strings.

Thanks in advance for your attention and any help you can render.  
Since I expect I am the only person on the planet who wants to know 
this please feel free to reply privately to me [log in to unmask] 
--Shannon Martin (Indiana University faculty)

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