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*-UPDATE: European Union: A Guide to Tracing Working Documents b**y Patrick
Overy **
* *

* *Patrick Overy <[log in to unmask]> is* *Subject Librarian for Law
and Business at the University of Exeter, and has managed the European
Documentation Centre at Exeter since 1991. He is involved in European
information networks at national and international levels, especially
through the European Information Association, which published *European
Information: a Guide to Official Sources* in 2005. A new edition was
published online <> at the end of
2010. He also compiles a weekly digest of new EU
which is available online and distributed as an e-mail by the European
Commission Office in London.

*-UPDATE:  The Exploitation of Women and Children: A Comparative
* of Human Trafficking Laws between the United States-Mexico and
China-Vietnam b**y Christina T. Le. Updated with assistance by Scott

Christina T. Le <[log in to unmask]> is a private attorney at an immigration law
firm <> in Houston, Texas.  She received her J.D. from
the University of Houston
and a B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University.  Prior to
entering private practice, she served as Attorney Advisor and Judicial Law
Clerk to the U.S. Immigration Court in Houston.  During law school, she
worked with victims of human trafficking at the UH Law Center’s Immigration
Clinic and at the non-profit organizations Boat People SOS and YMCA
International Services.

-*UPDATE: A Guide to Researching the Albanian Legal System b**y Mbaresa
Veleshnja Gentry;Update by Engjellushe (Angel) Kozeli Mozina
* *

Engjellushe (Angel) Kozeli Mozina <[log in to unmask]> practices law in
Boston, Massachusetts. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and
Suffolk University Law School. She is a Board Director and Secretary of the
Albanian American Law Society. She is also a member of the American
Bar<>Association, the
American Immigration Lawyers’ Association, and Steering
Committee Member of the Boston Bar Association’s Immigration Law Section.

*-UPDATE: An Introduction to the Czech Legal System and Legal Resources
Online- Update by Olga Pouperova  *

 Olga Pouperova <[log in to unmask]> is a senior lecturer and
researcher at the Palacky University, Department of Administrative Law and
Administrative Science,
Czech Republic. She holds an M.A. (law, Palacky University, Olomouc), Dr.
jur. (Masaryk University, Brno) and Ph.D. (Charles University, Prague).

*-UPDATE: Vietnam **Legal
* b**y Anh Luu; Update by Le Thi Hanh
*  *

Le Thi Hanh <[log in to unmask]> is the Director of the Library and
Information Centre, Hanoi Law University, Vietnam. She has a Master of
Library and Information Science and a Bachelor of Law. She has been a
member of the Vietnamese Library Association since 2006. Le Thi Hanh was
awarded the IALL Professional Development Bursary of the International
Association of Law Libraries in 2011 to their Annual Course held in
Malaysia. She contributed to the “IALL International Handbook of Legal
Information Management” published in 2011.

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Mirela Roznovschi


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Reference Librarian for International and Foreign Law
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