Dear Colleagues,
Law Librarianship is a cooperative and helpful profession - as we all 
see so many times at the wonderful institution of this list - but at the 
same time there seems to be a bit of redundancy in it.

I'm referring to Ellen Shaffer's latest request, which ended in her 
receiving the same article many times, although one would have been 
enough. She posted a note to the list alerting people to the fact that 
the article had been received, but continued to receive copies. After 
realizing that she had not seen that notice, she posted another message 
repeating that the request had been filled. I also told the list after 
sending a copy - possibly both our messages didn't come through due to 
delays in transmitting or weren't noticed.

Two things seem to generate this problem:
1. Nor the person sending, neither the person receiving the document 
lets the list know.

2. Due to technical imbalances messages don't come through and thus are 
perceived too late.
Today I could read Mike Yared's answer to Carol Clarke's question 
concerning the US Performance Rights Bill long before I got the 
question. There seems to be something technical behind it.

Given that, should we with sending documents let the list know at the 
same time and hope for a faster transmission?

Or is there already any policy on preventing this or does the most 
honorable list have ideas on how to cope?

Kind regards

Andreas Knobelsdorf

Universitaet Hamburg
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