Hola Int-Lawyers!  Thanks to everyone who contributed 
suggestions.  I've compiled the list and posted it here:

Foreign, Comparative, and International Law on Film and TV:  
An A to Z List 
(if y'all have problems opening this or reading it, email me 
directly at [log in to unmask] and I'll send you a 
copy, or I'll find a better place to put it)

The focus is still on non-U.S. films, documentaries, and TV 
series, but, where there was a U.S. production that 
including FCIL themes, I've included them.

I posted an alphabetical list because it was getting 
confusing separating the country where the film/TV series 
was made from the country/jurisdiction(s) the law of which 
the film/TV series was the suject, or the nationality of the 
main character(s).  

I tried to include links for every film/TV series to find 
out more infos.  A couple of movies I couldn't track down 
info re.

Anyway, thanks again, and let me know any feedback re.


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