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Genocide Studies and Prevention is the new international journal bringing
attention to past and present human rights violations all over the world. 

The twentieth century has been called "The Age of Genocide." Some historians
estimate that more than 100 million lives were lost in the twentieth century
as a result of violence associated with genocide. From the extermination of
the Hereros in what is now Namibia, through the genocide of the Armenians
during World War I and the Holocaust during World War II, to the genocidal
killings of Khmer by Khmer in Cambodia and the horrible massacres Bosnia and
Rwanda, governments around the world refused to intervene. 


It became clear that the attention of the world needed to be focused on the
massive destruction of human life. To that end the International Association
of Genocide Scholars and the International Institute for Genocide and Human
Rights Studies, co-founded Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International
Journal (GSP) - a new journal to help focus the world's attention on the
necessity of saving human life.


GSP's mission is to understand the phenomenon of genocide, create an
awareness of it as an ongoing scourge, and promote the necessity of
preventing it, for both moral and pragmatic reasons. GSP seeks to educate,
inform, and encourage new generations of scholars to conduct research on
genocide and to provide a forum for those who wish to work toward genocide


GSP provides a forum for scholarly investigations of genocide and related
issues. Interdisciplinary in nature, this journal publishes articles on the
latest developments in research, policy, and theory from various disciplines
including, but not limited to, history, political science, sociology,
psychology, international law, criminal justice, philosophy, religion, and


For submission information, please contact

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