Gabi --

The best we can offer is a two-page synopsis of the conference in 
Verifying Obligations: Respecting Arms Control and the Environment: A 
Post Gulf War Assessment: Final Report (H. Bruno Schiefer ed., 1992). 
Let me know if you'd like that scanned and e-mailed.

The synopsis was prepared by Jason Reiskind, who still works for Justice 
Canada if LawTok is correct:
He may know if any proceedings are available.

Kent Olson
University of Virginia Law Library

Jonathan Pratter wrote:
> A search of WorldCat and UNBIS proved fruitless. This would indicate, 
> but not prove, that conference proceedings for this meeting were not 
> published.
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> Good morning Int-Law
> Is it possible to get conference proceedings from "The Conference of 
> Experts on the use of the environment as a tool of conventional 
> warfare" convened by the Canadian Government in Ottawa, 9-12 July 
> 1991, in association with the UN Secretary General.
> I would be most grateful for any help.
> Gabi Honan
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