Bonjour, Int-Law!  FYI that the successful online course for
on how to use Web 2.0 tools in law libraries is back!  And
it's still free...:-):

I participated last year and had a blast learning about wikis,
blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Second Life, Facebook,
MySpace, LinkedIn, Ning, etc.

Our small groups chatted online every week at times convenient
for every participant.  I use what I learned in the course
every day.  And many of the participants are very active on
the various social networks.  They're great e-colleagues!

As y'all may recall, one of my goals was to find foreign and
international legal research uses for these Web 2.0 tools. 
Well, y'all can undertake the same quest!  :-)

CS-SIS Web 2.0 Challenge 2009 A Free, Online Course to
Introduce Law Librarians to Web 2.0 Technologies
August 3-September 6, 2009
(organizers anticipate opening enrollment on June 22, 2009)

The practice wiki created for the 2008 AALL CIS-SIS Web 2.0
Challenge (American Association of Law Libraries Computing
Services Special Interest Section at has
great infos in it:

Participant wrote entries of varying lengths on some of the
topics below (so y'all can see the breadth of what you can
learn via this course, and have access to later):

IM, Knol, the iPod for law libraries, Xobni, institutional
repositories, RFID, Cuil, Screen2, Zotero, the Semantic web,
custom search engines, Adobe Captivate, library toolbars, RSS
feeds for law firms, blogs for law library users, PMOG, Go To
My PC, D-Space, clickers for law libraries, Drupal, Skype,
LinkedIn for librarians, smart phones, data mashups, cell
phones and text messaging, Pulse "smartpen" from Livescribe,
Pipl, waterproofing, LibraryThing:  social networking for
cataloging, Screencast, iTunes U, e-book readers, Smilebox,
LibX Browser Plugin for Library Resources, Google Docs, social
networking for attorneys, etc.


Lyonette Louis-Jacques
Foreign and International Law
Librarian and Lecturer in Law
D'Angelo Law Library
University of Chicago Law School
1121 East 60th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Phone: 773-702-9612
Fax:  773-702-2889
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