At least, thats what I think I am looking for. My knowledge of German is sadly non-existent. Here is the cite I have:

Insider- und Ad-hoc-Publizitätsprobleme

in: H. Schimansky, H.-J. Bunte, H.-J. Lwowski, Hrsg., Bankrechts-Handbuch, 3. Aufl., München (Beck) 2007, Bd. II, § 107 (S. 1005-1046).

From what I can determine via WorldCat and other online sources, the Bankrechts-Handbuch is a finance or banking looseleaf or treatise, and the cite I have is to a specific chapter or portion of the treatise.

I cant seem to find (via Worldcat) this treatise held anywhere outside of Germany. Im willing to submit an ILL request to German libraries but thought I would also check this listserv and see if anyone knows of a copy, perhaps lurking about in a firm library somewhere, that they would be willing to make copies from.

Thanks in advance,

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