We need assistance with getting a certain volume of the China Monitor. We do not know the specific volume that we are looking for. However, we have a document which contains the following extracts from the volume we need :

- the China Monitor has indicated that organised labour has little influence over the wage rates and working conditions of the labour force;
- the China Monitor also indicates that the state-owned Chinese banking sector provides low capital costs to exporting companies that have state ownership. Although
  privatisation of the Chinese economy is a largely completed process, minority equity ownership by the state is often retained in order to allow the firm to access cheap
  capital through the state banking system; and
- lastly, the China Monitor indicates that a legacy of a centrally planned economy is political rather than market-determined investments. China;s manufacturing
  industry was quota-driven regardless of market demand. In every traditional industry, China suffers from overcapacity of production.

This may be a long short but please see if there is a way you can assist us get a copy of the relevant China Monitor.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

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