We should be most grateful if somebody could help us with a copy of the following articles which we have been unable to track down in any of the resources available to us. .  We are happy to pay any costs.
R. Taylor, How to Conduct an Antitrust Audit, 2 Antitrust 4 (Fall 1987);
Bloch, A Prosecutor's Perspective on Sentencing Guidelines - Corporate Compliance Programs and Antitrust Enforcement, 11 Prev L Rptr 3 (Sept. 1992);
Murphy, How to Establish an "Effective" Antitrust Compliance Program Under the Guidelines, 1 Corp Cond Q 1 (Spring 1992);
Hobbs, Organizing the Antitrust Audit - Overview; Planning Conducting and Protecting the Antitrust Audit 18, ABA CLE Inst. (Oct. 1990);
Kaplan & Murphy, Conducting a Guidelines Compliance Review:  Liability Inventories, 2 Corp. Cond. Q. 4 (Summer 1992).
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