May I commend to the attention of INT-LAW members the following new-ish
journal in the field:

New Zealand Yearbook of International Law

The New Zealand Yearbook of International Law, launched in June 2004, is
an annual, internationally refereed publication intended to stand as a
reference point for legal materials and commentary on public
international law generally and with particular emphasis on issues
concerning New Zealand, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, including
critical writing in those areas.
	The Yearbook has come about through the contribution of
academics and practitioners throughout New Zealand and abroad. The
Yearbook boasts an exceptional Advisory Board, including Professor
Philip Alston (NYU and the EUI), Professor Andrew Byrnes (University of
New South Wales), Professor Antonio Cassese (University of Florence),
Professor Roger Clark (Rutgers School of Law), Professor James Crawford
(University of Cambridge and the ILC), Professor Chris Joyner
(Georgetown), Professor Benedict Kingsbury (NYU), Professor Susan Marks
(Cambridge University), Professor Roda Mushkat (University of Hong
Kong), Judge Mere Pulea (High Court, Fiji), Professor Don Rothwell
(ANU), Judge Weeramantry (former Vice President of the ICJ), and
Professor Nigel White (University of Sheffield).
	It has been the intention of the Editorial Board to create a
publication that will serve as a valuable tool in the determination of
trends, state practice and policies in the development of international
law in New Zealand, the Southern Ocean and Antarctica and to generate
scholarship in those fields.  Having said this, the Board has been
conscious to include articles and commentaries that encompass broader
issues.  New Zealand, as a relatively isolated nation, is mindful of
wider international law and policy developments that may either directly
or indirectly impact upon the area.  Equally so, New Zealand offers a
unique environment, due to its size, population and strategic proximity
to the Southern Ocean, Antarctica, and the South Pacific, that makes the
New Zealand Yearbook of general interest to the international community.
It is for the latter reason that the Yearbook contains a section
dedicated to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, and a dedicated section
to Pacific Island States.

Neil Boister
General Editor
Karen Scott
Associate Editor

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