Hello all:


We have another stumper.  One of our faculty members wants to measure
the number of law review articles authored by U.S. law professors over a
50-year span.  I have been searching various sources, but have not been
able to locate a source for this information.  It would be too
time-consuming and impractical to pour over the print indexes, and the
automated ones don't seem to have an interface to restrict the search to
the note on each article's author.  


I have found some information on publication counts for the top ranked
law schools, but not for all law schools.  If anyone can suggest a
practical source for this information or if any of you have tackled a
similar question in the past,  I would be SOOOO happy if you could share
that information.  


Thank you for your help.



Bobbi Weaver, Foreign & International Law Reference Librarian

California Western School of Law

225 Cedar Street

San Diego, CA  92115  USA

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