New GlobaLex Articles (October 2006)
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Globalex October 2006 http=3A//www=2Enyulawglobal=2Eorg/globalex/index=2E=
html =

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Apologies for duplication! =

New legal research articles available on GlobaLex=3A NAFTA and CAFTA=3B
ECOWAS and CEMAC=3B Vienna Convention on Consular Relations=3B Botswana=3B=

Egypt=3B Kazakhstan=2E =

--Basic Info and Online Sources for NAFTA and CAFTA Research
(North American Free Trade Agreement and United States-Dominican
Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement) by Francisco Avalos and
Maureen Garmon

Francisco A=2E Avalos joined the James E=2E Rogers College of Law in 198=
2 as
the Foreign and International Law Librarian=2E His area of expertise is
Latin American legal research with an emphasis on Mexico=2E He has writt=
extensively and made many presentations in this area of the law=2E Mr=2E=

Avalos has served as Secretary-Treasurer and Chairperson of the Foreign=2C=

Comparative=2C and International Law SIS of the American Association of
Law Libraries=2C and served on the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
Advisory Committee=2E Mr=2E Avalos also serves as a special consultant t=
the National Law Center for Free Inter-American Trade=2E

Maureen Garmon is Faculty Services Librarian at the Law Library=2C Roger=
College of Law at the University of Arizona=2E  She has participated in
first year and intermediate legal research instruction at the College
and is an active member of the American Association of Law Libraries=2E
Before joining the Law Library in 1997=2C Ms=2EGarmon worked as a law fi=
librarian=2E She holds an MLS from the University of Arizona=2E

--Regional Trade Agreements in Africa=3A A Historical and Bibliographic
Account of ECOWAS and CEMAC by Victor Essien

Victor Essien holds LL=2EB=2E(Hons)=2C LL=2EM=2E (Ghana)=2C LL=2EM=2E (I=
nt=A1=A6l)=2C and
J=2ES=2ED=2E ( NYU) degrees=2E He is International Law Librarian and Adj=
Associate Professor of Law at Fordham Law School=2C where he teaches
International Investment Law=2C Multinational Corporations Law and
International and Foreign Legal Research=2E He was formerly Law Lecturer=

(on National Service) at the University of Ghana=2C Legon and the
University of Jos=2C Nigeria=2E He was also a Consultant to the UNCTC in=
York and a Legal Assistant to the Iran-US Claims Tribunal at The Hague=2C=

the Netherlands=2E He was admitted to the Ghana Bar in 1977=2E He is
currently a Member of the Bars of New York State=2C United States Distri=
Court=2C Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and The United State=
Court of Appeals=2C Second and Third Circuits=2E

-- Guide to Research on Vienna Convention on Consular Relations
Notification Requirements by Barbara H=2E Bean

Barbara H=2E Bean is a Reference and Public Services Librarian at Michig=
State University College of Law=2C East Lansing Michigan=2E She holds a =
degree from Georgetown University Law Center and a Master=A1=A6s of Scie=
in Information Science from the University at Albany=2C New York=2E Port=
of this guide were presented at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the American
Association of Law Libraries=2E =

-- Botswana=A1=A6s Legal System and Legal Research By Lubabalo Booi

Lubabalo Booi is a Law Librarian at the University of Cape Town Law
Library since 2003=2E Lubabalo holds a BSocSc (Bachelor of Social Scienc=
and PG (Post Graduate) Diploma in Library Science both from the
University of Cape Town=2E He is currently registered for LLB (Bachelor =
Laws) degree with the University of South Africa=2E

-- Egyptian Legal System and Legal Research by Dr=2E Mohamed S=2E Abdel =

Dr=2E Mohamed S=2E E=2E Abdel Wahab=2C Licence en Droit (CAI)=2C LL=2EM =
(CAI)=2C Ph=2ED
(MAN)=2C MCI Arb=2E is an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Law=2C Cairo=

University=2C Egypt and Assistant Director of the Human Rights Centre at=

Cairo University=2E He has taught on the LL=2EM=2C LL=2EB=2C and BA prog=
rams at
Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan Universities=2C England=2E Dr=2E =
Wahab is currently a Fellow of the Centre for Information Technology and=

Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts=2C Amherst=2C USA=2E=
was appointed vice-president of the Cairo branch of the Chartered
Institute of Arbitrators in 2005=2E He also works as a Legal Advisor in
the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration=2C as=
Counselor for International Legal Affairs to the Information Technology
Industry Development Agency=2C as a legal counsel in a number of
international commercial arbitration disputes=2C and acts as a sole
arbitrator and co-arbitrator in a number of cases=2E He works with the
United Nations Expert Group on Online Dispute Resolution=2E =

--- Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan=3A A Guide to Web Based Resources=

by Oleg Stalbovsky =26 Maria Stalbovskaya

Maria Stalbovskaya has been a reference librarian at the Open Library
for Legal Information since 1997=2E She holds an M=2ES=2E degree from th=
Tomsk State University (Russia)=2C the Historical-Philological Faculty=2E=

Maria Stalbovskay=C8U attended training courses for law librarians grant=
by Constitutional Legal Policy Institute in 1999 and 2002 (Budapest=2C
Hungary)=2C in 2001(Riga=2C Latvia) and 2000 (Moscow=2C Russia)=2E Oleg
Stalbovsky holds an M=2ES=2E degree from the Tomsk State University
(Russia)=2C the Faculty of Mechanics =26 Mathematics and for a long time=

worked as information and computer technology specialist=2E Since 1998=2C=
has been the Head of the Open Library for Legal Information=2C Tashkent=2C=

Uzbekistan=2E Oleg Stalbovsky participated in the International Visitor
Program of the United States Department of State =A1=A7Access to Informa=
in the Public Libraries=A1=A8 (June 21- July 11=2C 2004)=2E The authors =
of this
article were involved in important projects in the Republic of
Uzbekistan=3A =A1=A7The Development the Digital Library on Human Rights=A1=
=22Organizational and Methodical Support for Regional Public Law Centers=
=22Legal Information Support Legal Information Support for Under Judicia=
Investigation People=A1=A8=2C =22Creating the web-site of the Open Libra=
ry for
Legal Information=22 and also =22The Development of Electronic Legal
Resources of the Open Library for Legal Information=22=2E

More than 100 articles on international=2C comparative=2C and foreign la=
research at http=3A//www=2Enyulawglobal=2Eorg/globalex/index=2Ehtml =

Mirela Roznovschi

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